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Here’s an excerpt from a previous edition of The Shepherd’s Voice newsletter. We will be posting parts of the newsletter throughout the month. Don’t get the newsletter in print and want one? Send an email to and request one!Good Shepherds of the Earth is our Environmental Stewardship group.  

This column is dedicated to a cleaner healthier environment for every one.  It is the responsibility of all of us as good Christian stewards of the earth.

Since we’ve been writing this column, there has been a noticeable improvement in people’s awareness of environmental issues.

We are thrilled to see the many environmental changes at Shepherd of the Hills.  We are using less electricity as we pay careful attention to turning off the lights and especially how we use our heating and air conditioning system.  Individual coffee mugs continue to be a financial and ecological savings as do our new soup bowls and the use of our silverware.  Pastor has contributed to this effort by designing the beautiful and plastic free stainless steel water bottles and by her gift of the gorgeous and practical new glass water urn since we know our well water is good to drink. Pastor has taken a leading role in improving our ecological foot print at Shepherd of the Hills.  We continue to recycle and to promote organic and Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, and tea through Lutheran World Relief and for farmers in the Third World.  This year we have also added a bluebird box and a butterfly garden to provide habitat for them and to bring joy to our lives by their presence.  Thank you everyone for participating in being good stewards at Shepherd of the Hills.

Beyond our congregation, we are seeing big changes in the rest of the world.  We are seeing fewer idling cars and more smaller cars and more bicycles.  People have mentioned they are planning their driving trips more carefully to use less gas.  They are buying more organic products especially at the Farmers’ Market.

Industry sees money in going green and has created many new products like Bonnie’s new solar wrist watch.  We are happy to see many more windmills and solar panels.  (Have you seen the the big solar array off Highway 40 by Biltmore?)  Schools have also included environmental causes in their curriculum.

Many positive changes have taken place locally and world wide as people become aware of the need for being good stewards of the earth.  Thank you to all the Shepherd of the Hills family for joining us in this effort.

Remember to visit the Jackson County Farmers’ Market in Bridge Park this Saturday from 9 AM til One PM.

Bonnie S. and Margaret S.

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