Resurrection Sunday


Brothers and sisters in Christ, welcome to the resurrection! There is no greater joy in all the world than to proclaim this truth—the truth that is above all else—the truth that reigns above all in all creation. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Halleluia! Halleluia!

The joy we share this day in this good news has not come easily nor without a long and often dark journey. Mere days ago we gathered here to remember the night in which our Lord was betrayed and handed over to death. The night in which he, the king of the universe, washed the feet of his followers. The night in which he gave a new commandment to love one another as he has loved us. And then we stripped the entire worship space of all adornment and decoration, leaving it starkly bare for the next day. Then, there was Good Friday: that day which is Good not because of us, not because of any good we will ever do but because while we are all, every last one of us, utterly unable to save ourselves, Jesus was about the terrible and awesome business of saving not just you, not just me, but everyone and all of creation. Then the Vigil of Easter where we struck the new fire, lit the new paschal candle, recalled the history of God’s people from creation to this very day as we waited for God to resurrect Jesus.

You see, this story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is not about some guy who faced adversity and worked really hard and made a great recovery. The tomb and the grave are no mere obstacles to overcome. ….


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