The Desert – God in the World


As we finish with St. Francis of Assisi and his influence on the church, our class will begin to discuss the Desert Fathers and Mothers and the beginnings of monasticism. As we go through these teachings, we will discuss how the Christian Disciplines, monasticism, and mysticism grew from these Christian Leaders.

  • Definition of Desert and what it means to live in wild places
  • To Love as God Loves by Roberta Bondi will be the book we will focus on during the summer of 2016. Please order from City Lights Bookstore or your local independent bookseller. Love your community too!

To Love As God Loves by Roberta Bondi
Published September 1st 1987 by Augsburg Fortress Publishing (
To Love As God Loves: Conversations With the Early Church
ISBN  0800620410

“Love as a disposition does not primarily act on abstract principle. Instead it is a way of seeing habitually and responding to the real,
separate, individual needs of each of the people we encounter in our lives every single day.”
Roberta C. Bondi, To Love as God Loves

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