Praying with Right Intention

God in the World

christ-898330_1920In a past blog, I mentioned that our class is going to study the Early Church Mystics. While we have studied a few of them, it became clear in our conversations that we need to break things down into smaller bits. Also, in order to have a common language, we will be reviewing the words used to talk about prayer and spiritual disciplines in church history as well as in the Lutheran church. We began using this document in order to have a common reference point: The Power of Intention in our Prayers.  The table looks like this:

GodYour NeighborYourself

You will note that there are three blank columns as we begin. It is our hope that as you join us in our study of prayer, you will also join us in your own review of your spiritual life and practice. In each column, we will begin…

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