Lost Things

Shepherdess Writes

Pentecost 18 C  Luke 16:1-13

Today is the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks in New York city an Washington DC. The fall of the twin towers in New York, the destruction of part of the Pentagon in Washington, and the one plane diverted from its goal and crashed in rural Pennsylvania, all of these are etched into our memories. There have been and will be many stories of remembrance, both personally told and recounted on television shows. Sometimes these stories are almost too much to bear.

The remembrance of this day, along with other terrible and heartbreaking things in the news like storms whipping into hurricanes that walk across the water and land like great monsters, flood waters rising to sweep away lives, viruses transmitted by mosquitos, and the constant turmoil of debate and argument over who is right and who is wrong on any given…

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