God in the World


1. anunexplainedorinexplicableevent,phenomenon,etc
2. apersonorthingthatarousescuriosityorsuspensebecauseofan unknown,obscure,or      enigmaticquality
3. thestateorqualityofbeingobscure,inexplicable,orenigmatic
 On October 16, we talked about how hard it is in being careful with the way we use our words. We looked at Chapter 3 in James where it talks about the power of the tongue, and how the greatest thing we can do is learn to watch what we say.
We talked about drawing boundaries for those that hurt us with their words. In the end, everything comes down to us. We can draw boundaries for others, but we cannot make them change or stop saying hurtful things. Sometimes we have to walk away or end friendships. This is hard and heartbreaking. As always, we are however talking…

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