The Kingdom of Heaven is Coming

Shepherdess Writes

Epiphany 4A  Matthew 5:1-12

Last week in our gospel story we were at the seaside. We heard the story of Jesus calling to Peter, Andrew, James and John to be his followers. He just showed up at their place of business one day and said: Come follow me and I will make you fish for people. And follow they did. Even though it seems like just the other day we were taking about baby Jesus, asleep on the hay away in a manger, now we see him as an adult. Jesus’ ministry as an adult, as a rabbi, is just beginning and if he had a car in which to drive around the dusty roads of the holy land, it would have had one bumpersticker: Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven Has Come Near!fullsizerender

Repent, Metanoia, turn around.  Turn around and see!! The kingdom of heaven is standing right in…

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