This Week at Shepherd of the Hills


A Great Big Thank YOU!
Thank you to everyone who helped make our 4th of July Cookout happen. The food was delicious, the fellowship was wonderful, guests were made welcome, and lot of fun was had by all!

5th Sunday Covered Dish Lunch
Mark your calendars for the last Sunday of July. It’s a 5th Sunday so we will gather in the Fellowship Hall after worship for a covered dish lunch! We will also have a very brief congregational meeting between worship and lunch to elect a person to finish out Bonnie Steckelberg’s term on council. The nominee is Carol Coone. We will also accept nominations from the floor.

O Living Breath Of God
O living Breath of God, wind at the beginning upon the waters;
O living Breath of God, bearing the creation to wondrous birth;
Come now, and fill our spirits; pour out your gifts abundant.
O living Breath of God, Holy Spirit, breathe in us as we pray.

Please Help Us Be Good Stewards of Our Property

If you use the church building, please remember to:
+clean up+
+take off your trash+
+set the thermostat on 76+
++LOCK the DOORS++
Do you want to use the building for a group meeting or project? Check the calendar in the Narthex to see if there are any regularly scheduled activities on the day. Then check with Dee Dee or Pastor Rosemary so we can put you on the calendar.

Upcoming Events and Activities

Add to your calendar….

  • Worship and Arts Re-Formation meeting 7/10
  • 5th Sunday Covered Dish lunch and brief cong. meeting 7/29
  • Vicar Matt preaches 7/29
  • 3rd Annual Pie Contest in August
  • Valleyballyhoo at WCU 8/18
  • Congregation-wide birthday party in September
  • Octoberfest last Sunday in October
  • 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff in November

This Week’s Activities In Our Building
+Spirituality and Photography  Monday 4:00pm
+Tuesday Quilters  Tuesday 10:00am
+Worship and Arts Committee  Tuesday 5:00pm
+Guitar Choir Rehearsal  Wednesday 6:30pm
+Sunday Worship  11:00am
+Dillsboro Drumming Group  third Saturday
+Shepherd’s Choice Bookclub  third Saturday
+Quilts of Valor  last Wednesday

Your council members are:
Susan Braithwaite
Betsy Aspinwall
Peggy Smith
Phil Kneller
Terry Emly
Bill Bishop
Our finance officers are: Robert Braithwaite and Russ Seagle

Looking for a great daily devotional you can use on your phone or computer? is a great one to try. It is free and even has nice music you can play while you read the scripture for the day. Click here for the website or find the app in all the usual app services.
Want to download the app to your phone but need help? Bring your phone to church and Pastor Rosemary will help you out.

Please Pray For…
+The natural world around us, God’s good creation of which we are stewards, as we head into Summer, when weather can be unpredictable or volatile.pray_lettering.jpg

+Travelers and vacationers to our area. Our church family members who travel.

+Those who suffer hunger, have no safe home, those who grieve, those who suffer, and

especially children who are without responsible care for their well-being and safety.

+Our full prayer list is available at the church or you may email Dee Dee for a copy. Honoring privacy, we do not send out this list of names in mass email form.

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