Quick Reminders and Update

Good afternoon church family

Just a couple of quick reminders and an update.

+First, an update on Bill Bishop. He is progressing slowly, but he is moving in a positive direction. They have reduced his sedation and he will be moving across the street to St Joseph’s Critical Care Unit sometime soon and will be there for a little while before heading to rehab. Dee Dee and Bill are very grateful for all the prayers supporting them, so let’s keep it up.

+Tomorrow is the day to Turn Back Time! Remember to turn back your clocks one hour.

+There is an All Saints’ Prayer service at 10:30am tomorrow, just before our regular worship time at 11:00am. The doors to the sanctuary will be closed to maintain a space of quiet prayer, but please feel free to come in at any point. to join the service.

God’s peace,
Pastor Rosemary

2 thoughts on “Quick Reminders and Update

  1. Hello,
    Matt and I were so saddened to hear of dear Bill Bishop’s sudden illness and passing, please pass along our thoughts of peace and courage to Dee Dee and all of Bill’s friends and family. We’d like to make a donation in remembrance of Bill and his friendship, which meant so much to Matt through all the years. We live in London, UK so if there is a way to do this online please let me know.
    Sincerely yours,
    Diana & Matt Webster

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