Jesus Heals

Lent 4A John 9:1-41

On this 4th Sunday of Lent, it is good to have a long gospel reading! I think we could use all the good news we can get right now. It is obvious that this is a stressful time. That’s an understatement of course. It is a frightening and uncertain time. We are afraid for the health of those we love and ourselves. We might be concerned about our financial stability. And we might wonder if our lives will ever return to normal. It is good to hear of this miracle of Jesus’ healing and bringing sight to the blind man. Most of all, it is good to hear a story of Jesus bringing light into darkness; a darkness that seemed impenetrable, a darkness that seemed inevitable. Just like ours.

03222020This is also a good scripture to read now when much of our uncertainty and unease are related to health. I have a few friends who have recently said that they are unafraid of this virus because they have faith and their faith is so strong they won’t get sick. They believe because they have strong faith in Jesus that God will not let them get sick. I’ve also seen some things on social media that insist that if we would all pray hard enough, the virus would dissolve like snow, and everyone would be instantly healed.
There is an awful lot in those ideas to think through. At its base, both of those ideas are seeking to find a faithful way to respond to a difficult situation. But here are some other things to consider as well. First, faith is very important and it is not only a consolation but also a guide to how we approach suffering and hardship. Our faith teaches us that we are called to love our neighbor and that calling, along with Loving God, are the twin guiding principles of our lives, most especially in difficult times. That guiding principle of our faith, the two-fold law Jesus said was the greatest of all commandments, is something we can use to help us asses our decisions and our choices when the world seems chaotic and scary.

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