Three Preachy Prophets

The Prophets Amos, Joel, and Hosea: A Summer Bible Study Series from the NC Synod.

Beginning Sunday, July 4, we (that’s Lutherans all across the state!) will read Amos, Joel, and Hosea together as a synod—from Manteo to Murphy, or more specifically for our synod’s congregations, from Andrews to Atlantic Beach! Join us! (click the picture above for a bit more information)

There are three ways to engage with “3 Preachy Prophets:”

1. Subscribe to the email list and each day’s reading will come to your inbox. Visit the synod’s homepage ( )and scroll down to find a purple sign Up form. Complete the form, check “3 Preachy Prophets,” and click “Submit.” (click the photo above to go to the signup page)

2. Watch the synod’s homepage. Each day’s reading will post here:

3.Follow our synod’s Facebook page. Each day’s reading will also post to the page.

Want to see some of the summer bible studies from previous years? Check out our new Reference Library! Click HERE or go to the drop-down menu above and click Reference Library.

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