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As spring begins, many start thinking about gardening. Here’s something to consider: Gleaning. In the Old Testament, farmers were told to leave the corners of their fields unharvested so that others who were in need could glean the extra. In the gospels, we see Jesus’ disciples gleaning when they walk through a field of grain and pick off a few bits because they are hungry.

The first tree shown in this video is from our member, Bonnie Steckelberg, who was happy to have gleaners pick from her apple tree. She had already gotten a sizable harvest from the tree for applesauce (a large portion of which was processed by Shepherd of the Hills an given to Community Table).

As you plan your garden this year, consider planning for gleaning. Contact The Jackson County Glean Team or the St Andrews Society if you have questions.

This is an amazing way to help people get GOOD food…. not just cheap food, canned food, or highly processed food but REALLY GOOD FRESH FOOD.

Have a green thumb but no place to garden? Consider the Cullowhee Community Garden, where half of the produce is donated to those in need in Jackson County.

Have extra produce from your garden that can’t wait for a gleaner to come through? Consider Community Table. Contact them to see if they would like to receive your garden’s harvest.