We Want You!

We have many ministry opportunities available at Shepherd of the Hills. Here’s just a short list of ways to serve.

Provide a meal for Lutheran Campus Ministry students.

  • More info: They meet on Monday nights at 6pm in the fellowship hall and love pretty much any kind of food!
  • Skills required: Ability to provide food. May be home cooked or purchased meals or a financial donation.
  • Who do I talk to: Dee Dee Bishop or Pastor Rosemary


Assist in worship.Holy Communion

  • More info: Worship assistants read the texts for the day, assist at the altar, and lead the prayers of the people. Assistants for our Advent and Lenten services read scripture and help with prayers.
  • Skills required: Willingness to read aloud and carry a communion tray. Singing is not required.
  • Who do I talk to: Pastor Rosemary


Provide flowers for worship.

  • More info: When possible we like to have live flowers by the altar for worship. These are symbolic of our offerings to God.
  • Skills required: A desire to add to the worship space or perhaps an event or person to honor.
  • Who do I talk to: Dee Dee Bishop or Orville Penrod


Worship Banner Maker

  • More info: We have patterns for several beautiful banners ready to be constructed! christmas cards - Page 001They just need your hands.
  • Skills required: Sewing, painting or other skill and the desire to add beauty to our worship space.
  • Who do I talk to: Lee or Mary Ann Budahl


Committee member.

  • More info: The Evangelism, Worship and Arts, Christian Ed, Stewardship, and other committees are looking to add to their committees.
  • Skills required: A desire to help plan and guide the ministries of this congregation
  • Who do I talk to: Chairs of the various committees, a council member or Pastor Rosemary


Member of Council

  • More info: We will be seeking three members to serve on council in the next three months. A good description of what a council member does can be given by a current council member (see ‘Who do I talk to’ below)
  • Skills required: A desire to help lead and guide this congregation in serving God and following Jesus Christ
  • Who do I talk to: A council member (Rebecca Patterson, Jim Patterson, Janet Hart, Orville Penrod, Joshua Wilkey) or Pastor Rosemary


Sunday School or Bible Study facilitator

  • We have two Sunday School classes that meet at 9:30 a.m.
    • Our Bible Study class meets in the Fellowship Hall and is led by Pastor Rosemary. Others may teach as well.
      • Skills required: A desire to learn and teach. Experience not required. Bible mastery not required. You have as much support and guidance from the pastor as you need!
    • God in the World is the newest class and meets in the campus ministry room. It is facilitated by Robin Whitley. This class focuses on how we see or find God in the world around us. We love having visitors to speak to this class. The only requirement is a willingness to tell your story or share your passion with our inquisitive members.
    • Have another idea for education? Please talk to Pastor Rosemary

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