The Shepherd’s String Choir

Easter 2016

The Shepherd’s String choir was first formed as a summer opportunity for the many guitarists in our congregation to have fun playing in a group. After three months of playing together, the group decided that they wanted to continue and have the chance to enhance worship, reach out to each other, and reach out to the community. We work together to play for the holiday services and to enhance worship during the regular church season.

Our group has players from beginning players to advanced players and everyone is welcome to join us. We support each other in teaching the beginners and also giving the advanced players the opportunity to share their unique abilities as soloists, or in duets or trios. If you are interested in joining our group, we rehearse at 6:30 on Wednesday nights in the music room. All instruments are welcome even if you do not play a stringed instrument.



Dianne Lindgren, rhythm


Janet Hart, rhythm


Terry Emley, rhythm & vocals


Susan Braithwaite, rhythm & vocals


Robert Braithwaite, bass

David 2015

David Brewin, lead guitar

John Lindgren, lead guitar and vocals

The Choir Using Time and Talents since 2011!

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