At Shepherd of the Hills, we consider all forms of art to be a way to worship God. We have musicians, painters, photographers, fiber artist, metal artists and many others in our congregation and we seek to find ways to incorporate art into our worship experiences and to acknowledge the creative process as a way to worship our great Creator.

One of the ways in which we do this is with our banners, paraments and vestments for the pastor.

An example of the fiber art at Shepherd of the Hills is this beautiful parament set for festival Sundays created by Mary Ann Budahl. Comprised of tiny blocks, some of which are less than 3″ across, the pieces are reminiscent of a quilt. The Holy, Holy, Holy banner is also one of Mary Ann’s creations.


Banner by Mary Ann Budahl

We have also started a program of outreach to community artists where we display works of art for our congregation and the community’s viewing. Here are some photographs of artists we have presented; this particular group we started wit is from members of our church!

Giraffes Observing
Giraffes Observing

This is a painting by our own Lee Budahl. This photo looks like the giraffes are small statues, but everything in this photo is painted. The style is called “Trompe l’oeil” means “deceive the eye.”

Pamela Haddock art
Autumn’s Golden Gown

Pamela Haddock is the watercolorist who created this wonder. You may see more of her work on her website at Pamela Haddock Watercolor Artist.



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